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Juan Boix's Journal
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Friday, September 13th, 2002
9:14 pm
a book, one that proposes something as healthy as industry and labour.
Saturday, October 6th, 2001
11:02 pm
In the event of anything remotely influential occuring could someone wake me, as long as it has a sphere of influence greater than eleven people.
Addendum: I have disabled anonymous posters/ writers/ authors, as the type of people who self-censor are the illest society has.
Friday, October 5th, 2001
6:40 pm
Perhaps it is only with AU, nevertheless I think this earth more boring than before.
Inquiries, notations, conjecture.
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001
10:02 pm
The promotion of tabacco ought not be tolerated, unless accompanied by a coffee.
Friday, September 21st, 2001
9:42 pm
From the Ad Usquian Dictionary (Dublin: Canon Press, 1876):
Aeroplane: (n.) a combustible vehicle designed to carry heroic passengers and sell periodicals.
Afghanistan: (n. reg.) a country as fractured as the Union of the United States.
Army: (n.) a band of avowed heterosexual men paid to kill the pregnant.
Condolences: (n. plural) wishing those you neither care nor support sympathy (freq. means to ostentaciously sign a piece of paper while feigning grief).
Coward: (n.) an individual who dies in the solid, disciplined belief of their convictions. (previously known as a martyr).
Crusade: (n.) a religious war fought by an alliance of secular states.
Dictator: (n.) a person frequently elected by the multitudes.
Foreign Policy: (n.) the ability of a Nation to govern abroad.
Guilty: (adj.) those who are victims.
Hero: (n.) any passanger responsible for the deaths of many. Also, any human who get unintentionally slain by collapsing masonry (usually only applied to those with wife and child/ ren).
Innocent: (n. & adj.) pedestrian lives lived wealthily.
Islam: (n. relig.) a theology as diseased as any Christic other.
Israel: (n. proper) an apartheid theocracy that claims legitimacy from apocryphal post-Exilic texts.
Laden: (n.) a barber's favoured client.
Lingerie: (n. vulgar) worn over men's heads to disguise (archaic - underwear worn by harlots).
Martyr: (n.) a solid citizen who does not request a funeral.
Newspapers: (n. plural) a locus where advertisers vie for the souls of vampires.
Patriotism - (abstact n.) the ability of dispirate groupings to consummate an idiotic union.
Pentagon: (n. archit.) having lost one of its sides to be renamed Cuatrogon.
President: (n. masc.) a man whose lack of geographical knowledge is only superseded by his poor vocabulary.
Prime Minister (n. masc.) ones whose grief is greater than all (a variated form of the word - expediency)
Stock Exchange: (n. instit.) an institution promoting genocide.
Terrorism: (n.) war not funded by the taxpayer.
Taleban: (n.) non-elected government of a regionalised territory ( see President, Vote-based Democracy, Hypocrisy).
United Nations: (n. plural) an organisation whose constituion differs from its actions only in intent.
Villain: (n.) one who does not sit at cabinet.
Wall Street: (n.) where society imprisons its murderers.

Ad Usque (Emperor of the Netheregions) has made an editorial decision not to comment further on any "terrorist" forrays onto Uncle Samuel's Front Porch. Boredom and an impending job are the chief reasons for this action, as is the syphillitic illness of his wife Mrs. Ad Libitum.

Seven million more newspapers were printed and bought this week than previoulsy averaged. Who struts on whose grave?

Thursday, September 20th, 2001
12:58 am
Please ignore: Birth. Indeed. Telegraph Avenue wire told me. Grin. Appropriate heraldic Latin phrase: Vita...gloriosa...ab urbe condita...spes...vi et armis...the baptismal Bacchic thyrsus...a choral joy. Pater et mater et filia. An Absolute Blood Trinity. Quien dije que los muertos mueran? Pues he visto el espiritu ir al cielo y bajar al mundo. Material Gravity. A true Newtonian truth.
Sunday, September 16th, 2001
4:25 pm
AU is going to die from cancer at 53 (ref: thespark.com). He celebrates, previous blemished Egyptian so-called seers had said he'd only full 45 moons to live.
Friday, September 14th, 2001
11:01 am
Newsflash (Reuters)--foward to all Press Agencies, cathartic informers and reporters: A man of Palestinian origin has been arrested in connection with the recent bombings. At daybreak, Central Eastern Time, the F. B. I. entered the Nazarean Motel in Corpus Christi and siezed the individual. The man, aged 33, has been identified as one I. C. Galileus. He held no passport and his nationality is unknown. It is believed that when questioned he responded with anit-American sentiments. Senator McCarthy and ex-President Nixon have been raised from the dead to question him. Unconfirmed reports, backed by reliable sources, have told us that this man of Semitic bearing answered, in response to a question about the Pentagon, "those who live by the sales of arms, will die by those self-same arms". (Press Warning: while Bin Laden was armed by the Pentagon it would be a mistake to inform the public taxpayer of this fact). An eyewitness to the arrest, Luke Evangelista, a biographer by profession, confirmed to us that the man in custody was of a brown to black skin color. In further news the Unelected President of America, Bird in the Bush, said that future terrorism would have to be analysed in a sophisticated and radically new way. He pointed out that "most external terrorism is coming from outside the United Sates these days", and added that " President Chiraq of Britain and Premier Blare of Saudi Arabia have pledged their full support in combating abroad terrororisms". Meanwhile Congressman I. A. M. White of Georgia said that all Southerners, both whites and niggers, were united (in a segrationalist way) in their grief. He urged all Klansmen to target Arabs in future, and even hinted that Negroes may be allowed a limited role in the persecution of the Oriental races. Truly this is the spirit of the Mississippian Region and of the Greater American Union . Irregardless of color, ethnicity or creed we stand noble.

- Yes Ruth you're right, it has been an awful day. Now we go over to Dan in New York City. Dan we understand the lastest report represents a significant breakthough?
- Yes, Ace, it does. The Federal Bureau of Incompetency has drawn up a list of potential bombers. We go over to this LIVE report from our own Lisa Croctear. Lisa?
- Yes, Trent, the F. B. I. have compiled pages of suspects. The most important of these are as follows, as you can see on your screens:
1). The Wind: an unlikey suspect, but those towers didn't fall over by themselves. Nature has been frustrating the U. S. for centuries and only last night Thunder hampered rescue efforts. Coincidental or deliberate?
2). Anti-Captilalist/ Proletarianists/ Third Worlders: the bombing represented the highest concentration, numerically and geographically, of bourgeois fatalities in a day in the modern age. Could the capitalists' programme of unfair, low OVER-SEA wages and labour-camps have led to their deaths? Africans and Asians are just not like us at all. For instance, pay them once and they'll always want more. They look kind of strange too, nefarious I believe is the current word? A valuable lesson has been learned vis a vis wages. Incidentally civilian injuries are near those of Hiroshima. That was when, you'll remember Jake, the Japenese population commited mass hara-kiri.
3). Feminists: it is known that these Lesbians have been attacking what they call the "phallocentric architectural dominence" of the Manhatten skyline for years. They claim that the silhouttes of these towers have been raping them consistenlty for decades. They have previously stated, as we can see in their monthly periodical, "Orgasm", that the angular structure of the Pentagon represents male-eroticism and female circumsion. In the past they have voiced the need for womb and breast-like government and commercial buildings. The Anti-Penis League (APL) has denied it had anything to do with the attack, as does the Monolithic Front of Vulvan and Vaginal Discharges Forum (MFoVaVDF). The latter's spokesman, Mr. M. Ail, in an open letter to the New York Heraldist, furiously rejected any of the suggestions which we have fabricated, and indeed lied about.
4). Fidel Castro: a well known denouncer of equality, justice and the pursuit of greed. His cigars resemble towers, but if you look closely the tabacco-leaf tips are aflame. A coded message? The State Department certainly thinks so.
5). You may recall, Trent, that the towers were designed by a Japanese architect, Mi No Wee, or some name like that. Did he construct it so that it would collapse. This reporter has her suspicions. He was foreign, what proof else is needed?
6). Bizarely enemies of this great country [ barely audible piped music: Amer----i-kkka, Amer----i-kka, land of the free and brave-skin] have asserted that Boeing Aeroplane Manufacturers could be responsible for the attack. The airline industry has recently been in a recession, and they conceivably could benefit from this... tragedy... [she's thinking of her dead-dog Goebells and trying hard to cry].... as could the construction industry, land-speculators and angry former bankrupt Lloyd's Names. But these industries represent an all-white club, so the possibility of their involvement is minimal.
7). Before the bombings a CNN plane was hovering over Manhattan bringing you LIVE aerial pictures of Jennifer Anis and Bradley Spit buying what were believed to be peaches in an open air market (whether they were peaches or not has yet to be confirmed or denied). This plane has not reported for duty today. Where is it? Did it hit a building? On a tragic note, because of its absent, missing-state this will mean that we cannot bring you the promised footage of Michelle Lepstick walking, al fresco, possibly, but not inevitably, to the dentist.
8). The antepenultimate President of the U. S. Obvious really, but most importantly an unfounded and irresponsible conjecture.
9). Catalan Independentists: Trent, Spain may have discoverd America, but does it now seek to destroy us? The 11th of September is celebrated in Iberian Barcelona as the people's national day. Did I point out that the Iberian Penisula is an abroad place? Tantilising. Back to you in the studio Trent.
- thank you, Lisa. I think we can go over LIVE to our token-black reporter at the Pentagon. Virgil, I believe you are standing beside the recently widowed, and double-barreled, Mrs., now Ms. of course, Rifle-Napalm?
- Yes, Bruce, I am. A brave widow, indeed. Could you tell us a little about your now dead husband, what kind of a hero was he?
- well, Virgil, he rang 30 seconds before the plane hit, and he told me [difficult breathing], he told me that he had discovered that I was having an affair with Rudolf...
- and who was Rudolf?
- our house janitor [pain seeps through her plastic face], the shame, o.o.o.o., but worse [close to vomiting] Jaunita, our chino maid, forgot to pay my husband's life insurance this month.
- yes tragic stories here, Cruise, but hopeful ones. Out of the bitter fires of tears come the solidity of airborne prayer. And the good that these dead military heroes did, immeasurable. Back to you, Ross.
- Micheal, I'm on the streets of New York to gauge the public mood. You sir, blackie, could I squander a moment of your time? How do you feel about the events?
- well until two-weeks ago I used to work in the north tower.
- ah, you were a porter or shoe-shine?
- no.
- surely you weren't a captain of industry.
- used to be. They got rid of me, I'm to marry a white woman soon and..
- ah, I see. Quickly over to you Hearst.
- thank you Vermont. As we can see the public all sharing the same homogenous mourning response. What patriotism. In Studio is the Sentator for New York, Mr. I. W. S. Bribed. Senator, you have been an outspoken critic of things non-American. What do you make of the events?
- First of all, let me send out my condolences to all those affected by the bombs, at least those in my constituency who are of the age to vote. I was forewarned of the incidents and was in a bunker when the news broke. I stayed there for some time, but I think I speak for all Caucasian Blonde Americans when I say Heil Hitler, I mean God bless this land.
- Senator, you fleed Nazi Germany after the War, tell us, as a former European, how is this affecting other parts of the world.
- As my former friend Herr Speer, an architect of great importance who would have admired the towers, used to say, " when the Jew cries he does so for a coin". Europeans are crafty in this way. The Irish for example, they have a day of mourning, all shops closed, ya. Well why? Do they fear they could lose their lapdog, fiefdom status if they did otherwise, do they fear what would happen if the U. S. withdrew its financial support from their land? Tellingly a lot of the computer parts made for warheads and military vehicles are made in this so-called peaceloving place. Was it they who bombed New York so they could profit from a World War. You see, ya? This country is also a centre for American pharamaceutical enterprises , if war comes they can charge even more exploitative prices for a scarce and needed wartime commodity, ya? All is suspect.
- Indeed, and as a former government minister in belligerent Europe you know how the European mentality operates.
- Ya, when I was Minister for Extermination of Undesireables (retards, reds, and the like, ya) I saw a lot of Wiemacherstung, how do you say in English... wrongdoing, evil, ya?
- Indeed, Senator, fine-spoken words.

In Harlem an Afro-American will be beaten by the Police today. He will die after hospitals refuse to take his bloodied-body. He had no medical insurance.

In Brooklyn a Low Income White American child will be supplied with medicine by a doctor, paid for by the Cuban government, an official enemy of the United States.

On 7th Street Asian prostitutes will kneel to white Patriarchy in paid reverence.

In Dublin the Stock Exchange will decide to stay open in solidarity with their dead counterparts in New York.

In Washington D.C. costly CNN reporters will get bonus' and over-time for making advertisement space more profitable.

Intelligence stuggled for a voice on this day, 11th September 01.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2001
1:45 am
"Chickens coming home to roost" (Malcolm X). Vietnam (deliberate mass-murder of civilians), Colombia (ethnic cleansing), Chile (cowardly overthrow of Allende), Cuba (Bay of Pigs), Palestine (the systematic genocide of the West Bank Peoples and the U. S.'s pro-Zionist stance), Panama (illegal invasion of), Greneda (socially undemocratic siezure of), Hiroshima (deliberate racialist attack upon), South Africa (financial support of apartheid structure), Harlem (state-sponsered injection of narcotics into), etc. The United States has sent out coffins for other nations to fill, now it finds its own cementarys expectant.
Those who worked in the World Trade Centre represented (in the main) the elite 1% of the world's population, murders in the main, Merchants in human flesh, purveyors of indentured labour and slavery: Bankers, Trade Lawyers, Stockbrokers, and their lapdogs the Police (responsible for the deaths of at least 100 civilians this year) and the National Guard (the Kent State Butcherers).
The Pentagon is Satan's Seat on Earth.
It is the U.S.governmental policy of intentional global interference that has brought this upon its citizens (the innocent of which all grieve). U. S. Imperialism and Hegemonism has bountifully reaped what it so mercilessly sowed.
Condemnation is naive; the U.S. has never been the raped, only ever the rapist.
Tuesday, September 4th, 2001
7:22 pm
A negligent acquaitance (Moomin) explained recently how certain people post a list on their Journals of things they desire.
Ad Usque, fashionable as he is sane, presents the following requirements:
1).A blue-cannistered Ventolin inhaler.
2).Greasepaper, a comb, a milk-bottle, chicken-wire and a rust-resistant spoon.
3).Pax Sovieticus.
4a).A different pair of lungs, preferably from some young athletic, non-smoking, Blackrock College attending male.
5).A sibling who listens to his complaints, from the unimportant to the apocalytic.
6).A father who does not abandon his heir to engage in nefarious activities in the port of Rotterdam.
4b).A nostril that bleeds not, nor fabricates phlegm.
4c).A set of kidneys that shudder less.
7).An Palladian-dimensioned oak coffin, with no ornamentation.
8).A fine eulogy for a skinless-skeleton.

Ubi Sunt?
Monday, September 3rd, 2001
10:00 pm
AU is annoyed. Presently he is suffering terribly from a cold given to him by his Pater. And, in nursing himself he sat down to watch a programme he thought might soothe his headached mind.
===============How to make a cheap film on God=============
1). Have the obligatory paralytic physicist explain that matter does not really matter to physicists anymore. Ignore the fact that this mathematician is a serpent sent to tempt us into unbelief, blemish theory et al.
2). Contact a renowned celebrity tabloid theologian, preferably someone old, bald, wearing a heavily worn tweed jacket. Place him beside the chalky shores of some English beach, walking alone through peeble and sea-spume. Have oriental music unsettle the occidental landscape, pray for De Chirico's ghost.
3). Introduce a black man of evidently little formal education (yessa, massa, me do it). Have this unreconstitued Negro ask, as an infant, profound questions the profundity of which he is, of course, unaware (ah, he knows not the import of what he utters).
4). When talking of the Universe ensure that the latter is seen as female (overarching image of pregnant woman breastfeeding a neutral offspring).
5). Poverty: how can God allow it? Quite easily, if programme makers took the time to study biblical sources. That god allows and creates suffering is part of Western Cosmology (a decadent society may have difficulty with this). Explain that poverty is what theology cannot answer when it has addressed it comprehensively since its conception.
6). Formulae: have these as the textual backgrounds of the programme, numbers being more preternatural than letters.
7). Indians, Banglasdeshis, Indigenous menageries of Others: have these industriously labouring at dismantling a ship (open ended metaphor, all and nothing).
8). Large machines: representing science for the last 150 years these ensure viewers of the complexity of science.
9). Attack theology, but fail to point out that science has no philosophy, and thus no real reason d'etre apart from an academic impulse.
10). After boring your audience, make the next programme seem attractive enough to continue viewing.
11). Make the suffering regret their ever being.
====================Who dares question AU?================
Thursday, August 30th, 2001
11:32 pm
Wednesday, August 29th, 2001
7:09 pm
Regarding Capitalism's linkage to opportunism: This establishment is attempting to make those of us who use this cotidian service pay. It is not coincidental that those who have paid-accounts have the privelege of an uninterrupted connection, while the others (mainly orphans, the lumpenproletariat, sailors, widows, locomotive mechanics) are left with a terrible, intermittant, non-functioning Journal. Blackmail, AU calls it. The LJ Founding Fathers and Mothers (all free-subscribed Communists, Socialists, Republicans, Arianists, Anarchists, Boixists, Quakers, Gnostics, etc.) would be arming themselves were they alive. Revolt Citizens. Boycott! Shun those paid-up betrayers in the streets, shun them in the marketplace, shun them at work, at prayer, at time of grief and time of birth. Let the tyrants taste the moist discharges of the Masses. Divide Private Property Profiteerers.

Advertisement: AU Inc. has established a Journal Fee-Based Programme that allows you unlimited opportunities to describe your uninterseting day to those who may be bored enough to read about it. For only...

Orchestral Soundings: The People's Flag.
Tuesday, August 21st, 2001
10:18 pm

This list of words relates to a complete paragraph not shown.
Write out what you believe the paragraph might say in full.
(Prize: an evening with AU at his favourite dining-house courtesy of your earnings).
Monday, August 20th, 2001
8:49 pm
Questionnaire prepared by the Ad Usque Charitable Foundation for Human Realignment (AUCFHA).

A) Matters of Estate, Station and Divinity
1). Do your genitalia bespeak a man or woman?
2). Is your position monied or aristocratic (the armigerous need only answer)?
3). Have you in the last quarter moon denied the principles of the Orthodox Syro-Phoenician or Antiochian Church Fathers (Protestants exempt from this question)?
4). The last time you beat your mother did you repent?
5). Have you put a slip of paper into a box to denote your candidate of choice?
6). Are you for or opposed to Irish sovereignty (Irish Free Staters need only reply)?
7). Do you believe irrational animals (horses, women, hermaphrodites, etc.) should be allowed to commandeer an automobile?
8). The last time mirth besieged your ventricles were you with another person, a gathering of gentlemen and ladies, or solus amid the alpine recesses?
9). How many domestics do you possess (to the approximate dozen)?
10). Have you denied Satan and all Her labours (heathens should leave blank)?

B) Aesthetics and Symmetry
1). Do you imagine Ad Usque to be of Apollan or Adonian dimensions?
2). The Trinity is the perfect triangle, ay or nay?
3). Were you named after your cuckold father, a silver-screen icon, or a Hostage Hotelier?
4). King James or Douay-Rheims?
5). Are your apartments furnished with candle or electric-powered bulbs?
6). When meeting the parvenus do you politely defer judgement or instantaneously object?
7). Is your wife of the variety that needs be improved on canvas, or does the artist need be chaperoned?
8). Are your antiques inherited or bought?
9). When buying a suit do you depend on the tailor, or he on you?
10). When meeting those of foul visage do you pardon yourself, or lower your eyes?

C) Courtesy, hospitality and Manners.
1). Did you, or do you, attend Trinity College Dublin (theology students disqualified from this question)?

D) Political Opinions
1). Do you opine that opium ought be issued by Her Majestys legislature?
2). Have you ever entertained a Papist?

Note: These sample questions represent only a fraction of the entirety.
Thursday, August 9th, 2001
5:06 pm
Extract from Ad Usques personal letter to his widow: My Dear Corpulant Wife, here the heavens are tinted blue, and set in them, as if a still pendulum, is a golden egg, which the people here tell me is named the "sun". I told these noble street urchins that where I was born this waxen disc (a planet they say) never orbits. This "sun" turns the hue of ones skin to the colour of parchment. Verily I at present resemble a tonsored bear, brown but furless. (continued in more prose that leaves his venerable manus).
Sunday, July 29th, 2001
7:41 pm
Attention: Ad Usque had been abducted by Catalan Seperatists, who will, for his weight in platinum (multiplied by 7), provide for his liberty. This is not an attempt by the respected author to fund his ruinously expensive lifestyle.
Post what is affordable to:
Mr. A. Usque,
The Ritz,
Gran Via,
Saturday, July 14th, 2001
11:10 pm
I, Juan Boix, better known as Ad Usque, knowing that death has its precedents, and aware that I shall not be exempt, save in the arms of the Lord, do hereby declare my Last Will and Testament. Having lived in accordance to the laws and governance of Nature and Matter, and having ate, drank and sat beneath Reason and Faith, in knowledge of a wisdom yet unknown, save in death, where the poorer wealth is renounced and the final remittance given, do in custom bequeath what I have owned to the persons below named.
Before I list my beneficiaries I would give a notice. I have left no child, nor parent, and as such, in this bachelored and orphaned condition, see it only right that those institutions to which has been their concern my honourable Self, in said state, be in proper manner rewarded. Thus the following shall receive in proportion to their utility:
A) To the Trinitarian Gentlemans Club, I leave the sum of 3 guineas, and add that it would have been more only for its recent admittance of the plucking sex; namely females.
B). To the Bridewell Correctional Prison, I leave 30 guineas, for favours rendered that shall remain unsaid, for fluid youth is folly, and setted age treason.
C). To the Charlotte Street Hostel (erroneously entitled a brothel by the more common caste) I leave 1000 guineas in reward for depression lifted, spirits roused and flesh rejuvenated.
D). To the Courts of Dublin, I grant 3000 guineas for their understanding in matters that ought not to be heard, or acted upon. Mine enemies, Satan take them, brought false witness, but the judges, familiar to me, acted with prudence.
E). The Church, in which I was baptised, communed and buried, my fondest sentiments, knowing that it values little the soil, and much the repented soul.
To proceed to those who have given to me, in solitude or congress, whether in malice or manners, the following artefacts:
To Moomin my cigarettes, to Stella my library, to Particularly my condolences, to Amphora my vodka, to God my soul,
Signed this Sunday, 45th August, in the year of Our Lord, 01,
Juan Boix (Ad Usque)
Monday, July 9th, 2001
12:50 am
Despite my brave attempts to have my journal banned (it's boring me somewhat) I have failed to locate but one embryo or human or accidental animal to report me. I have even tried to complain about my own writings to the LJ hegemony. They sent me a reply saying if I did not like what I was reading (or writing) then I should ignore it. As I'm vacating soon for a month, I may return invigorated.
Saturday, July 7th, 2001
12:13 am
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